Thank you to all who have shared their thoughts and memories for our dearest Sue. If you have a memory to post, or you have photos to post, please visit the Share a memory page to submit them. - Vin, Eric, Matt, and Dave Bisceglia.

Dearest mom. You’ve always been my guiding light and an example of all that is good on this earth. Thank you for the wonderful memories, perfect childhood, and life of comfort, all things I will cherish always. You’re my mother and my best friend. And I’m so thankful that the rich life that you lived has left us all with so many symbols of your time here on earth to comfort us. We will tend to your gardens, feed the birds, and always be kind and generous as you always were. I will love you and remember you forever.
— Love, Your son, Eric
While I wish we had more time together, I feel so fortunate and blessed to have had such a wonderful, kind person as my Mother. Thanks for shaping me into the person I am today and for all the invaluable life lessons you’ve taught me along the way. I promise to lead a good and happy life, just like you have done. I’ll alway be your Baby David and you’ll always be My Sunshine.
— Love, Your son, David
Mom - Growing up we kept you on the border of insanity and somehow you were able to approach everyday with grace, beauty and happiness. Your sacrifice to spend your days with us and provide us with everything will never be forgotten. I remember you driving us to every event from soccer practices, music lessons at the Music Box, the camp or to friends’ houses. I will never forget your cooking and how you taught us so much about great food. From your sauce and meatballs to your unbelievable apple pies in the fall, we were all so lucky to have a taste of your cooking. Thank you for scrubbing the pine pitch off our feet after a weekend at the camp and for airing out our hockey equipment in the winters after a weekend of practices and games. Your sense of style and especially your touch of designing and decorating your home was impressive. I have no idea how you kept the house immaculate with your three savages running through it. You were the best Mom, so nurturing and caring. You gave us the guidance to be better people.

As we sit with you by your bed in early spring, the signs of your garden coming alive again is comforting. Your living legacy of your garden and the beauty that it brings will forever be a reminder of your talents, dedication and your beauty. Your perseverance and courage to fight cancer proved to me just how strong you are and how much life means to you. May your gardens continue to prove to the world just how graceful you are and represent the resolve you had to continue living.

I wish your grandkids had the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime with you, but I have a feeling you will be there somehow, someway to be a part of them. I love you with all my heart and miss you more than words can express.
— Love, Your son, Matty
Mrs B - I owe so much of my life’s blessings to you. The kindness, compassion, generosity and love you showed each and every day of your life guides me as I raise Adrian and Nicholas.

I will remember you as the beautiful woman you were in your gardens, surrounded by the flowers and plants and birds you so loved; as an incredible mother who loved with every fiber of your being; as an incredible teacher who patiently taught me and so many others everything we know in the kitchen; as a dedicated nurse who cared for your entire family when we were sick; as the glue who brought together your extended family for every holiday with a huge celebration.

But most importantly, I will remember you as an amazing gramma to Adrian, Nicholas, Annie and Emilie. I’ll remember you holding Adrian’s hand as you walked him around the neighborhood. I’ll remember you helping them decorate the gingerbread houses you made them from scratch. I’ll remember you singing to them with perfect pitch and teaching them a love of music so young. I see you in so many things they do and promise to raise my boys as you raised yours. I promise you would be proud.

You have always been more than my mother-in-law. Our friendship is something I will forever hold close to my heart. How blessed and fortunate I’ve been, that you are his mother and also my friend. I love you Mrs. B.
— Love, Caitlin Bisceglia
I first met Vinny and Sue when I taught at Leominster HS in1972. They were each other’s sweethearts as well as the sweethearts of the HS. Once they graduated I didn’t see them again until they walked in to a 6th grade orientation at Groton Dunstable Middle School. Surprised to see Sue, I asked, “What are you doing in Groton?” You can imagine my surprise when she told me that her oldest son was entering 6th grade! How could that be? Sue still looked 18! After that, I had the pleasure of seeing Sue and Vinny at many Middle School events. I extend my heartfelt condolences to Vinny and the boys and send love and hugs to them. Sue was a special person whose smile and love touched many. May she rest in peace.
— Love, Betty Lavin
Sue and I lived across the street for 14 years. When we found out we had a birthday in the same week she turned me on to Pickity Place. It has a great lunch and we could pick up new flowers to plant. She would split her plants from her garden and give them away. I will always cherish our lunches, walks in the neighborhood and talks at the mailbox. The person living in my house now may not know it but she too has a part of Sue in her garden. She will be missed.
— Lisa Binder
Dear Sue, I will treasure our many wonderful memories together, our trip to California to visit Matt and Barbara, planning Matt and Barb’s wedding together and most of all sharing our precious grandchildren.

I feel privileged to be able to carry on your legacy to our loving granddaughters.

A beautiful lady who will always live in my heart until we meet again.
— Love you dearly, Gail Curran
When I first met Sue she played my sister in Fiddler on the Roof at Leominster high. I watched her marry my brother Vinny in “Sunrise Sunset” and I knew them that she would be my sister forever. I am heartbroken to lose her but blessed to have known her. RIP sweet Susie!
— Lauren Infantino
Auntie Sue, so graceful and capable, where did she find the time to do it all? A true heroine. I still know her as a patient listener, compassionate, engaging, you could practically see her very heart in her ways. Since we left to Florida, we had some visits back home there, when I can recollect it was her people that made her the most happy. My mom would ooh and ahh and ask where’d you get this, or how much was that? And Auntie Sue would answer, but nothing made her smile her famous smile like when she would mention her boys, and when she was telling us how proud she was of our accomplishments too. I love you, Auntie Sue. Thank you for everything. You’re a real blessing. Bye only for now.
— Jenna Bresnahan
Susan and I lived very close to each other - long before we made it to high school. I remember she tried to teach me the latest dance moves - but I was a hot mess and we had a lot of laughs about my 2 left feet. She was fun and sweet and so caring and I was glad we became friends. She will be missed by so many.
— Monique Chenard
I could tell from the day I met Sue she was at the core of a wonderful and loving family that touched many lives. I am so happy to have known her and to be a part of the Bisceglia clan for all these years. Rest in Peace Sue.
— Mark Tubinis
An amazing lady! When I was in third grade Sue was the school nurse. I got so sick one day they couldn’t keep me at the school. My parents couldn’t come pick me up. So Sue gave me a ride home and stopped to pick up ginger ale and orange juice on the way.
— JR Roberts
I remember if we would come home to Matt’s after playing outside in the snow or the woods, after hours of getting into all of who knows what, Sue was there for us. She would peel off wet or frozen clothes, make sure we had hot cocoa, a hot meal, or a dry pair of sweatpants. Sue was attentive to all of us all the time, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better exemplar of a generous, loving yet disciplined, and good humored mom. She made me feel accepted for who I was or where I came from when I was at the Bisceglias. She even shared in our adolescent and sometimes less than savory humor and jokes with a smirk and a laugh and would actually spend time bonding with us young guys. She was genuinely and unwaveringly interested in all of ours success and well-being. Sue is pure love and I hope to carry some of the rare and such delightful qualities she had, forward in my life. I am so grateful to have her in my life as an example.
— Glenn Menschel
Sue was my friend and neighbor for just five short years. Her generosity was enormous, her thoughtfulness amazed with each and every gesture. We are all better people for having known the compassion and joy of such a lovely lady. How does one match endless devotion to share love? I will carry in my heart the many fond memories I shared with this sweet lady. Sue, thank you for being such a wonderful friend.
— Natina Perrotti
I met Sue when our oldest sons, Rick and Eric, entered kindergarten together in West Groton more than 30 years ago. We have been the closest of friends and our families have grown up together as the closest of friends. No one could have a better friend than Sue. We practically raised our 7 kids together, sharing all the ups and downs and commiserating about everything. Eric, Matty and David are the same ages as our Rick, Amy and Mike, and then we had Bobby, and all 7 of them are close to this day. Our grandchildren play with Sue and Vinnie’s grandchildren. At the end I promised Sue our families’ connections will always remain strong. This is so important to both of us and I know it will endure.

Sue taught me so much. She was the most selfless, caring person I’ve ever known. We had the same approach to raising our kids. Mark and I have so many great memories of traveling with Sue and Vin, especially when our families went to Brazil together for Rick and Maira’s wedding 10 years ago.

And she taught everyone how to handle the worst that life can throw at you, with grace and courage and strength and love. I love you, Sue, and miss you already, and I know you will always be with me, until we meet again.
— Love, Barbara Fredrickson
As I think of Sue and describe Sue to others it is always the same. She is at the top of list with kindness, compassion, joy, love, grace, beauty. If God said to me you are going to share a time in your life with my best angel. She will live long enough to see her children grow up but I will need her soon after, to be in heaven. Do you want to share time with her? I would reply yes indeed. I can carry on after she returns to you with the teachings she has done.

I am so thankful to Sue to have known her. The daylilies at my son’s cemetery that she planted from her own garden bloom every year. One of the many cherished memories. Till I see you again angel❤️
— Linda Plamondon
The loss of a friend is just too sad to explain. Some people come into our lives and go too quickly. Our friendship was made up of events that kept bringing us back together at different times in our lives. We grew up as North Leominster girls, graduated high school together, and ended up as Lake Shirley neighbors. Throughout our friendship we shared many memories which I will be forever thankful for and I will miss Sue immensely. My entire family appreciated Sue’s kindness and we will keep her in our hearts forever.
— Love, Noreen, Amanda, and Jonathan Beaulieu
We have many fond memories of Sue after being friends and neighbors for 18 years:

The ladies of the neighborhood always found more excuses to get together over the years (e.g. annual ornament party, bunco night, brunch for a new neighbor). You could always count on Sue to show up impeccably dressed with an entrée or dessert that was so good everyone wanted the recipe.

She especially loved kids. I remember once when a simple talk at the sidewalk turned into a memorable time for all. Our three kids were toddlers. It was a hot day and she offered us water. Patrick, being ever so curious, wandered off in another room and was smitten with “a cool find” aka: a large telescope. The girls found the piano, lifted the cover, and started plunking away at the keys. Running to gather them out the door, Sue insisted we stay and said she found the “chaos” delightful. She took the time to show Patrick exactly how the telescope worked and what it was pointing to. I remember how detailed she was and how he soaked up every word she said. She wanted the “music” to continue because it reminded her of when her kids played. From that point on she was dubbed (fondly) by our kids as “the telescope lady.” We’ve told that story to the kids so many times over the years it lives on forever.

Another time Sue showed up at our door with a gingerbread house she had made from scratch. The house was not decorated but she included many bags of items that could go on the house. Additionally, she included ideas for how to decorate and a recipe for the icing that would work best. You can imagine the fun we had.

For a beautiful lady - both inside and out. Thank you for blessing our lives. I still have that icing recipe. I think this is the year to make that gingerbread house!
— Our love – Kim, Jim, Patrick, Christina and Catherine Daly
We are so saddened to hear of Sue’s death and our hearts reach out to you with caring thoughts and prayers. We have many fond memories that span the years in Groton. Whether sitting with Sue on a bus chaperoning grade school field trips, attending high school activities for Teddy and Dave or more recently bragging about our grandchildren, Sue was so genuinely caring and warm and a pleasure to talk to. I wish we could have met up more often. We wish you all strength during these difficult days and may the many good memories help you celebrate Sue’s life.
— Love, Kay and Ted Martland
It was late winter in 1971. The cast of that years school musical, Hello Dolly , had been chosen and Vin and I were part of the large group of Broadway hopefuls. I was a senior and was fortunate to get a lead role. Vin was a sophomore and was in the chorus. We had been friends for a couple of years because music was our thing and we were band geeks.

As rehearsals began, Vin and I were a little smitten by the two Stebbins girls. They were both really nice, with beautiful singing voices and we enjoyed our stage time together. Vin began to work up the nerve to ask Sue out. It took him a while but it finally happened. I think I even threatened him if he didn’t.

This was the beginning of a beautiful love story. Their stage roles increased over the next two years as did their love. Karen and I became dear friends and have lasting memories of our time on and off the stage.

The story of Sue and Vin would be a wonderful story to be captured in a musical and I would love to once again have a supporting role.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Karen, Laurie, Paula, Roger and Vin and his boys. My cherished memories will be with me forever.
— Andy Cousins, Wells, Maine
Sue Bisceglia was kind, welcoming, and had a great sense of humor. She was always willing to talk to you and made you feel right at home whenever you came over to visit. I remember being lucky enough to hang out with her and Vinny when they came to visit Dave in London in 2008. I don’t think she enjoyed the pie and mash place we went to very much (actual quote: “I could make something better than that!”) but we still had a great time riding the Tube, singing Beatles songs, and taking in the city. You could clearly see how much she loved her family and I’ll always remember her incredible enthusiasm for life.
— Andy Hughes
Sue was the friend you could count on to lend a helping hand, speak a kind word and share a kind smile . She was mature beyond her years and always true to her ideals. Sue made us all better people as her authenticity was exemplary.

My heartfelt condolences to Vin and the beautiful family he and Sue created. The world has lost a truly great woman.
— Anna Clementi
For 18 years my life was blessed with the greatest aunt, godmother, friend, and role-model anyone could ever ask for. I have so many fond memories of my time with Auntie Sue and her family from making gingerbread houses and donuts at the lake to swimming and, of course, gardening. Her home was a place full of love, fun, and kindness - a place I always viewed as my second home.

I remember many days in her gardens, learning about all of the flowers as she taught me how to plant a garden of my own. One of my favorite places will always be the sunroom with Auntie Sue sitting next to me as we listened to the sounds of the bird clock, watching the sun help the flowers begin to bloom.

Auntie Sue, I have learned so many things from you: how to love, be kind, and how to be strong in even the toughest of times. In many ways I have always seen you as a second mother. Your kindness, love and support has helped shape me into the person I am today and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything you have done for me. I love you and I promise, no matter what I do, you will always be with me. Thank you for teaching me how to plant my own gardens, both in the sense of plants and in various gardens to come throughout my life. I know you will always be with us, shinning down in the sunbeams helping every flower bloom and grow. You are my sunshine. I love you.
— Emma Becker