All about Sue

Susan M. Bisceglia (May 23, 1955 - April 18, 2018) planted many wonderful gardens in her lifetime. The most wonderful of all is her family, which will continue to flourish and grow forever. We love you so much, Mom. – Your Boys (Vin, Eric, Matt, & David) 



Married for 39 years, Sue and her husband Vin built a loving family and a comfortable life that they shared with many close friends.

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The mother of three boys. Sue dedicated much of her life and energy to giving them a beautiful life. If you ask any of them, there's no one or thing they're more grateful for. 



A grandmother to four grandchildren, Sue has shared endless smiles, giggles, laughs, and cries with her most cherished babies.


"There’s a special place in heaven for the mothers of three sons."


Daughter and Sister

Our Sweet Sue (her childhood nickname) was the second of five children in the Stebbins family from Leominster. Her three sisters, Karen, Lori, and Paula, and her brother Roger were always a dear part of her life. Her father Roger and her mother Phyllis were always an inspiration.



Sue was fortunate to have many dear friends. She appreciated their support and kindness in her times of need. And she always cherished her oldest, closest friends.


"A friend loveth at all times."



"All my weeds are wildflowers."

Sue shared a love for all the little things in life -- from a tiny lady bug to a wild flower to the birds in her yard. An avid gardener, she has always been a source of knowledge on gardens and plants of all kinds. Sue started a garage bay full of plants from seed every Spring that she shared with her family and friends to beautify their own yards and gardens.